I try to follow the motto, "if you think every day, write every day."

I take a lot of notes and have frequent insights that aren't ready to be turned into a full article. Some of them may never be.

Sharing these insights from my personal notebook is a great way to take the pressure off and develop ideas in public.

If I develop a note or set of notes into something more polished and thorough, it will end up in the articles section.

My Lastest Notes:
Renegade Millionaire Time Management System Notes

I really love Dan Kennedy's Renegade Millionaire Time Management System course. I've never been a very structured person when it comes to planning the details of my time. I choose OKRs to focus on every year and quarter, and I lay out the projects that get me there. I also write down the most important […]

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Startup Growth vs Enterprise Growth

Product and Growth Growth teams and product go hand in hand. Good growth teams can do 3 things: Optimize a metric. Help get products to product-market fit. Help validate learning. Can help launch new products, scale M&A, and of course scale existing products. Scale existing products (they do this best) Pick a Northstar metric and […]

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Web2 vs Web3

Many people misunderstand the difference between web2 and web3. I believe a big contributor to this is that the term “web3” implies a linear upgrade that replaces “web2” but this is not an accurate portrayal. It’s not like the evolution from Python 2 to Python 3 or Windows 7 to Windows 10. For example, we’re […]

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Idea vs Development

Q: Who gets more equity? The person who brings the idea or the one who develops it? F. Scott Fitzgerald said that "Genius is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind. There is no other definition of it." There is so much more to developing an idea into a product than […]

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Web 3.0 is Coming

I've been thinking a lot about what makes something "disruptive." Sorry, I know, that word has been played to death. I wish I could think of another word that doesn't make me sound like a soulless tech bro douchebag but it's descriptive and the copywriter in me mandates "clarity above all else." The thing about […]

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Calculate Next Monday with TextExpander

I consume a lot of information and save the best pieces to my notes in Roam. When I see something I might want to include in my upcoming newsletter I'll give it the tag #[[Newsletter mm/dd/yyyy]] where the date is whatever this coming Monday is. This way when it's time to write my newsletter I […]

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How to Grow Your Twitter Following from 5k to 27k in 28 days

Alex Garcia grew his Twitter following dramatically using threads. He pumped out original, long-form content on Twitter every day for a month. How he does it: The first tweet of every thread contains a promise of value and evidence of expertise.  He shares information, stories and how-tos that people haven't heard before (or aggregates or combines […]

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The Ultimate Roam Dark Theme

I really, really love Roam for many reasons. One of the cool things about Roam is that creating a custom dark theme is easy because they support altering the CSS directly within the app. Well, I looked for a great dark theme and ultimately found that what was out there was either incomplete or poorly […]

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How to Filter Multiple IP Addresses in Google Analytics

If you came to figure out how to block multiple IP addresses in Google Analytics with 1 filter then you're in luck. We'll need to use something called a regular expression (Regex) but I'll walk you through the whole thing step-by-step. Go to the admin section, click on filters, add filter, and name your filter. […]

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How to Create a Free Google Cloud Platform Account

Google's Cloud Platform is awesome. It's amazing how much they offer for free. For amateur techies like me who love to automate things it's kind of amazing. I don't really know enough about coding to make most things from scratch but that can be a super power too. Using a few tools in combination, you […]

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