How to Grow Your Twitter Following from 5k to 27k in 28 days

Alex Garcia grew his Twitter following dramatically using threads. He pumped out original, long-form content on Twitter every day for a month.

How he does it:

The first tweet of every thread contains a promise of value and evidence of expertise. 

He shares information, stories and how-tos that people haven't heard before (or aggregates or combines them together in new ways.)

He uses numbers, rather than adjectives. Not only does this grab people's attention but it creates an air of authority and authenticity.  

The most likely posts to go viral are ones that evoke an emotion. You can do this by making people think:

  • I hate this
  • This is hilarious
  • Oh wow, I totally understand this now

Or you can say something clearly that everyone was thinking but didn't have the words to describe.

He ends each tweet with a call to action to follow that includes his handle, a call to action to retweet, and a question to drive engagement.  

You can come up with growth hacks like this on any platform by just doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

The irony is that Twitter is a platform for short-form content. How do you stand out among an infinite sea of short-form content? Make long-form content. Duh, right?

He basically creates concise blog posts and converts them into Twitter threads.

This is both so simple and genius at the same time. Remember, the most important thing you can do is provide value in a differentiated way.

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