Hey, I’m Mike. I’m the CRO and co-founder at Localfluence. My last startup was acquired by Solium, which was acquired by Morgan Stanley. I write about growth hacking, automation, stoicism, and startups. Mainly because nobody wants to hear my thoughts on root beer and Star Wars. 


My Latest Posts:

Andante Con Moto Piano Sheet Music from Succession

The song at the end of Season 2 Episode 4 of Succession is so beautiful. I found myself listening to it a lot on Spotify and decided it would be really fun to play on the piano. The only problem is I could not find sheet music for it anywhere. I found some songs that...

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The Ultimate Roam Dark Theme

I really, really love Roam for many reasons. One of the cool things about Roam is that creating a custom dark theme is easy because they support altering the CSS directly within the app. Well I looked for a great dark theme and ultimately found that what was out there...

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