A Stellar SaaS Upgrade Process Example

I just experienced Coda's upgrade call to action today and really love it. Upgrades and expansion revenue are very top of mind as I'm working on Marq's self-serve motion and I have not found many swipe examples online.

I got this call to action and modal to try their team plan 14 days after I became a customer. It triggered when I hit the dashboard. I don't often go to the dashboard so it may have triggered earlier.

SaaS upgrade call to action modal

Modals are easy to dismiss. Some people dismiss them without thinking and only register that it was something they were interested in after.

It's really smart that they also include a little growl kind of bar at the bottom of the page that triggers the modal again if you click on it.

The upgrade is instantaneous. There are no other steps. You just click the button and you're upgraded. Below is the second step modal after upgrading.

It reaffirms that the user can wait to decide on whether to keep the upgrade at the end of their trial. That helps put the focus on just enjoying the benefits of it rather than trying to evaluate it now.

After upgrading, you immediately get a key feature highlighted. All your documents from your Pro account move into the private "my docs" folder.

This is of course, important to make sure people understand where their docs are but it also helps delineate between private and shared team functionality.

It's also really smart how they call out the features and UI elements that are specifically part of the team trial. Don't assume that users will notice the new functionality or be able to distinguish it from what they upgraded from.

When you click on the "+" icon this is what you get, which again highlights the team trial functionality.

It also highlights new functionality or unlimited functionality in the settings menu for each doc:

On the dashboard it also highlights that you're on the team trial at the top of the page:

and the "team trial" text links to the pricing page where they highlight the team plan and personalize the text to "Upgrade to Team now"

If you click the "Upgrade to Team now" button it takes you to a checkout that is also personalized specifically to the team trial they're on.

Coda is a stellar SaaS company with a well-thought-out upgrade process. Hopefully, this swipe file is as useful for you as it was for us!

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