I try to follow the motto, "if you think every day, write every day."

I take a lot of notes and have frequent insights that aren't ready to be turned into a full article. Some of them may never be.

Sharing these insights from my personal notebook is a great way to take the pressure off and develop ideas in public.

If I develop a note or set of notes into something more polished and thorough, it will end up in the articles section.

My Lastest Notes:
The Ultimate Roam Dark Theme

I really, really love Roam for many reasons. One of the cool things about Roam is that creating a custom dark theme is easy because they support altering the CSS directly within the app. Well, I looked for a great dark theme and ultimately found that what was out there was either incomplete or poorly […]

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How to Filter Multiple IP Addresses in Google Analytics

If you came to figure out how to block multiple IP addresses in Google Analytics with 1 filter then you're in luck. We'll need to use something called a regular expression (Regex) but I'll walk you through the whole thing step-by-step. Go to the admin section, click on filters, add filter, and name your filter. […]

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How to Create a Free Google Cloud Platform Account

Google's Cloud Platform is awesome. It's amazing how much they offer for free. For amateur techies like me who love to automate things it's kind of amazing. I don't really know enough about coding to make most things from scratch but that can be a super power too. Using a few tools in combination, you […]

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