Leadpages Advanced Plan Discount

Leadpages is awesome but it can be a bit pricy. Especially if you need integrations with CRMs like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot or Salesforce, in which case you'll need the Advanced plan.

The price for the Advanced plan is $239/mo if you pay annually (which comes to $2,868) and $321/mo on the monthly plan.

There is a better option, however. If you get Leadpages through Betarelease.org you can get a Leadpages Advanced account for as low as $45/mo if you pay through their 2-year plan. Which is actually significantly less expensive than even the Pro plan.

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The only difference between the Leadpages Advanced plan from Betarelease vs Leadpages is that you don't get any sub-accounts. But other than that it's the same thing.

Definitely check out the Leadpages Advanced plan on Betarelease if you want the exact same features but while saving some money.

Screenshot taken from leadpages.com/compare-plans

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