Incline Press

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Plant firmly on the ground:

  • Feet
  • Butt
  • Upper back
  • Head

Retract shoulders back so that the weight is pushed by your chest rather than shoulders or arms.

You’ll have an arch in the lower back, which is normal (just don’t be excessive).

Lift dumbells:

  • Lift one up at a time to rest on your thigh.
  • Then kick it up in the air with your leg to keep dumbells close to your body so you don’t spread your arms apart and tear your shoulder

Exercise on way up

  • 1 second on way up
  • Exhale on way up
  • Keep slight bend in elbows, and shoulders rolled back

Exercise on way down

  • 4 seconds on way down and slight pause
  • Breath in
  • 90 degree bend in elbows, tighten abs
  • Tighten abs at the bottom

To end bring one knee up at a time to rest dumbell on and then get up.


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