How to Be More Productive

Charles Schwab, a successful steel businessman in the 1920s, struggled with productivity issues within his team. In search of a solution, he enlisted the help of Ivy Lee, a productivity consultant. Lee provided him with a simple yet effective productivity tip but asked for payment after Charles tried it based on its value: each day, […]

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Product-led Sales

In the realm of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), keeping pace with the changing dynamics of customer attraction, engagement, and retention is crucial. As traditional sales-led approaches are being eclipsed, a more user-centric model known as Product-Led Growth (PLG) has come to the forefront. In a recent episode of Lenny's Podcast, Elena Verna, a seasoned SaaS growth expert, […]

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A Stellar SaaS Upgrade Process Example

I just experienced Coda's upgrade call to action today and really love it. Upgrades and expansion revenue are very top of mind as I'm working on Marq's self-serve motion and I have not found many swipe examples online. I got this call to action and modal to try their team plan 14 days after I […]

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